possible and plan the items that you need to carry. If you are on a leisure tours with meals and guide provided the normal shorts and cotton shirts / tshirts is sufficient.

Leeches is generally not a major problem but they can be a real nuisance if the weather is  wet or the ground is soggy. Insect repellent is normally sprayed on the socks and shoes to keep them at bay.

Things to bring - as a general guide     -  first aid kit (can be shared), 1 medium/small towel, bathing suite, joggers/walking shoes, slippers/flip-slops, jumper/hat, cups & plates, fork and spoon, toiletries, socks (few pairs), clothings, sleeping bag, insect repellent (can be shared), comfortable back pack, lighter, water bottle, raincoat and torchlight 

When choosing what clothes to bring, consider their weight (dry or wet!). Avoid jeans, jacket and other bulky apparel. This is  applicable if you are camping and if your transport reaches the campsite / chalet weight is immaterial.


Guide to Surviving in the jungle


Tips - if you get lost 



  Packages offered at Endau Rompin (Selai) National Park

  1. Leisure adventure packages - trekking 2. Adventure Team Building Packages 3. Students and corporate team building packages 4. Students summer camps 5. 4WD basic and advance defensive driving training 6 4WD off road adventure experience 7. 4WD Off road treasure hunt 8. White water tubing 9. Camping Adventure 10. Paintball wargames - jungle settings 11. Jungle survival programs  

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